March 7, 2020 5:45PM

"Healed" Movie Premiere

Join ECC and Forten Media as we premiere the release of "Healed" - the story of Scot's journey through a difficult childhood, bad life choices, multiple terminal diagnoses to healing & restoration. The event features red carpet photos, popcorn & candy and a life-changing film!

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At Encounter Christ Church Gainesville, we focus on using the Word of God to build faith and live life. 


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Then everyone shall stand in awe and confess the miracles of God; at last they will realize what amazing things He does.

Psalm 64:9

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Pastor Scot Ferrell's "Supernatural Success" Now Available!

Have You Ever Wondered
How do I make God real in my life?
I've got Jesus, now what?
I appear to be doing everything right, but it's not working for me.
Why is everyone around me succeeding, but I'm not?
Does God really answer prayer?
Is this all there really is to life?

In this newly recorded, live and interactive event, Scot will answer these questions and more!